Adrien Michaud
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I've been active in Amateur Radio since before getting my licence in 14 Nov 66.
I became a life member of ARRL (American Radio Relay League) and of CRRL (Canadian Radio Relay League) in 1968.
I've been an Emergency Coordinator and Quebec Section Emergency Coordinator (75-77), participated in Field Day, VHF Contest, VE2RM & VE2BG Repeaters maintenance, Montreal Hamfest Committee President(75) and Advertising Campaign Organizer(74-75). Provided communication Canadian Ski Marathon, JDF walk, Montreal Olympics 10K walk, Marathon and cycling at the top of Mont Royal.
A Director, Vice-President, & President of VE2RM for most of the time since 1972.
I been Treasurer and Director of VE2CMC (Marconi Amateur Radio Club) since formed.(VE2CMC & VE2AIF)
Also was a civilian instructor with 588 Canadair Air Cadet Squadron instructing Amateur Radio (79-80).

2007 finds me as President with no Treasurer, no Secretary, no Vice-President for the VE2RM Inc. - so I end up running out to Valois a couple times a month to pickup the mail and pay - deposit the dealings of VE2RM. I end up telling the other of any action via email and ask them to approve of or reject anything that I feel needs to be done. If I get 4 responses within a week I then go ahead with the action if all positive.
2016 finds me still president of VE2RM, making arrangements to set up the AGM (7 April 2016 at the Royal St Lawrence Yacht Club - only left is to send out the notices, modify the website with the agenda. Burt is the VP and Jamie is the secretary/ treasurer